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Hilary, Julie, Louise & Yuko

Lilac Class consists of 8 children: 6 boys and 2 girl.

There are a mixture of verbal and non-verbal children in the class and we use a Total Communication approach including the spoken word, Makaton signing, objects of reference, symbols, PECS and PODD to ensure all the children can access the curriculum in an appropriate way. Our topic this term has been “All About Me” and we have explored a range of texts, pictures, video and music linked to this theme. In English we have looked at a variety of stories about family members and friends. Our favourite stories have been “My Mum and Dad make me Laugh” and “I Want a Friend”. We have also taken part in several “Buddy Reading” sessions with some of the older children in Cherry Class. In maths we have been developing our understanding of number as well as learning about shape in lots of practical ways. We have had fun creating art work using hand prints as well as sensory art with glitter, coloured rice and pasta. Our weekly music sessions with children from the other Early Years classes have been great fun and we have enjoyed following action songs and playing instruments together. We have enjoyed hearing about the likes and dislikes of our friends in Lilac class and understanding that we are all different and important. Perhaps the highlight of this term however has been our fortnightly visits to Tumble Tots. We have had great fun learning to climb and roll as well as developing our turn taking skills. We can’t wait to go back in January!