Welcome to Lilac class

Children: 5 boys and 1 girl

Staff: Connie, Louise, Julie and Yuko




We are one of the classes in the Early Years department.

In Lilac class we follow a sensory based curriculum that helps us to develop our early learning skills and to meet our processing needs. We like to use all of our senses but our favourite is touch. Sometimes we get a bit messy but we don’t mind because it’s lots of fun!

This term we have really enjoyed getting out and about. We have had regular visits to the cafe and playgrounds. At the cafe we have worked on waiting, taking turns and using communication in different environments. Visiting the garden centre afterwards has been lovely too. At the playground we have worked on our interaction and gross motor skills.

We have also been developing our physical skills in school. We have been getting used to going on the bikes and enjoying exploring lots of equipment in PE .