Class-based Learning

Pupils continue to benefit from linking areas of the curriculum such as English and the Arts to termly class themes. This also provides opportunities to develop their interests and work collaboratively with peers. Practical English and Maths skills are taught in regular sessions and applied across the curriculum. Pupils are well prepared for work-related placements and community visits through specific class-based teaching. Life skills are also taught and practised in the classroom to prepare pupils to complete tasks with greater independence around school and at home. Access to individualised programmes and group teaching to enhance language and communication to support pupil’s wider development remains a priority.


Community Visits

Pupils experience a range of settings in the local community where they are able to learn to follow instructions and routines thus developing confidence and independence. Practical English and Maths skills are applied here e.g. counting, reading signs, instructions, writing lists and calculating with money. Visits may include shopping, leisure centres, cafes, recycling centres etc


Work-related Learning Programmes

The needs and interests of individual pupils are catered for through a range of different experiences both on and off site. Pupils are supported to choose work placements which interest and motivate them and to develop the highest level of independence possible with the skills required. Preparation for placements includes 1:1 discussion time and class-based work.


Adult Provision Links

We make links wherever possible with future adult providers to enable a good transition for our pupils. Some classes access taster courses at different colleges or make group visits to further education settings. Many pupils are also supported to have induction visits once their future placements are confirmed.


The 14-19 curriculum comprises the following areas and qualifications:

Areas of Learning

Functional English & Maths


Independent Living Skills

Work-related Learning, Sport & Leisure


Community Skills

Vocational Studies and college links

Qualifications and Awards

ASDAN Personal Progress (Diploma, Certificate or Award)


Duke of Edinburgh Award


14-19 Curriculum Provision Overview