At Dee Banks we use a range of assessment tools depending upon the age and needs of each pupil to support our understanding of their learning and to help us to plan meaningful next steps.
Every pupil has a personalised plan which is regularly reviewed and updated in line with ongoing observation and assessments made by staff. We value the individual achievements of every pupil and do not compare these achievements against any set criteria or other pupils. We ensure that assessment approaches are best used to support pupils learning through involving all relevant staff, carers, therapists and parents in discussions and evaluations of progress.
We also gather evidence of each pupil’s progress and achievements through ‘Evidence for Learning’ by capturing photographs and videos of the pupils which can be linked with personalised goals and other frameworks and shared with parents.
For more detailed information, please see our Assessment-Recording-and-Reporting-policy and the page for ‘Evidence for Learning’.

Dee Banks’ assessment model


Download assessment model here

Assessment model