Welcome to Apple class

Children: 4 boys and 2 girls

Staff: Rachel, Julie, Liz



We are a very busy class with lots of big personalities! We follow a play based curriculum that develops our early learning skills and promotes social interaction, communication and independence.

We love to learn and play in lots of places; we enjoy swimming, Rebound, soft play, being outdoors, Tumble Tots and spending time in the light room. We learn in many ways too and we use TEACCH strategies, total communication, intensive interaction, sensory stories, and adult and child-led play to engage us in a wide range of activities and provide meaningful opportunities for us to develop our skills. 


Our first topic this term was ‘Ourselves’. We have been learning all about ourselves, our families and our likes and dislikes. We have engaged in lots of play opportunities, art, music, sensory stories and cookery activities linked to this topic. We are now learning all about different celebrations in the run up to Christmas. Check out our school Twitter account for photos and Evidence for Learning to see progress towards your child’s learning intentions.