Welcome to Hazel Class

Children: 7 boys

Staff: Phillipa, Emma, Josie & Dawn



We’ve had more great trips out this term.  We had a fantastic day in New Brighton, the weather was beautiful and we got to play on the pirate ship and have a paddle, very proud of the Hazel class boys having lunch in the café and behaving so sensibly!  Our weekly trips to the woods have been a big hit with the boys, they’re getting so confident on the low ropes.  We’ve also been for walks along the meadows and along the river for an ice-cream, and lots of trips to the shops and café to practice our social skills, safe road crossings and handling money.  We are really looking forward to lots more days out as the weather gets warmer!







We’ve been looking at and tasting lots of different fruit and veg, and making some delicious food and drinks with them.  Some have been a big hit, like the mango lassi, the sprouts weren’t so popular though!


It’s not all fun and games and the boys are becoming experts and personal hygiene and making themselves look smart and learning some useful skills to help around the house.


We’ve had a couple of birthdays recently too!