Welcome to Lilac class

Children: 7 boys and 1 girl

Teacher: Connie




Teaching Assistants:

               Donna                                         Tracey                        Lynne   (Mon-Weds)                    Lyndsey (Thurs-Fri)





In lilac class we love to learn and have fun. The key areas we focus on are independence, communication, danger awareness, engagement, self-management, social skills, creativity and play. We enjoy doing lots of differnet things in school.



We like exploring colours and mark making in art and sometimes as part of bucket therapy. Sometimes we work on copying and following instructions; other times we just get creative.

In narrative we have been doing a story about having a cold. This is quite a new session but we have lots of giggles and we’re already getting better at engaging and re-telling the story.

Bucket therapy is great for dveloping joint attention and communication. In the first part Connie gets exciting objects from the bucket for everyone to see. Sometimes everyone would like a turn but only Connie is allowed to touch the objects in thye bucket. Then theres a longer activity to watch, this usually involves lots of singing and lots of mess! Then Connie shows us how to do something and we listen and watch carefully then have a go ourselves.

We love getting out in the community to work on our danger awareness, travel training, independence, play skills, gorss motor skills and communication outside of school. Plus it’s really fun.


In cookery we mostly make pizza and sandwiches because these are what we like to eat. We work on our communication, cookery skills and following instructions. The results always taste great.

It’s very important that we still have time to play. It helps ourcuriosity and experimentation as well as helping us to develop social, turn-taking and imaginative skills.


In sensory circuits we do different activities to help meet our sensory needs and to develop our gross motor skills. We all enjoy being active and using lots of different equipment.