Welcome to Maple class

Children: 5 boys and 1 girl

Staff: Hilary & Lisa


Spring Term 2021

Another half-term with some of our classmates still shielding at home. We are really missing them and hope they will be back with us very soon. It has been nice to see some of them during Zoom sessions and to have some join us on our weekly walks around Caldy Valley.




This term we have enjoyed a story massage about building a snowman and we are enjoying our new “Dance Massage” activity which involves experiencing different movements and touches set to different pieces of music. This terms songs are all about yourself. For example the first track is scarf-dancing to This is Me from the greatest showman and the last track is Relaxing and interacting quietly to Beautiful by Christina Aguilara. This encourages interaction and builds relationships. It is also an opportunity to develop responses, body awareness and muscle relaxation.


Physio activities are very important to us. We use our standing frames each day and love our weekly rebound and hydrotherapy sessions.







We also love lots of different musical activities. We have special music to indicate the start and end of each session and also love joining in with songs played on the ukulele -especially Wheels on the Bus and Baby Shark!                                                                                            We end our day by listening to the song “Proud”. It gives us the chance to celebrate with each other the fantastic things we have done that day.