Welcome to Maple class

Children: 5 boys and 1 girl

Staff: Hilary, Lisa & Pam




Summer Term 2021


We’ve had a very busy few months in Maple Class. It has been lovely to have everyone back in class and also to welcome some new members to our class.

Ollie joined us in March and has settled in to school life really well, having lots of fun and making us all smile with his infectious laugh.

We also have a new TA- Pam. Pam has worked in PMLD before and it has been lovely to welcome her back into the department.









This term we have enjoyed sensory stories about a windy day in Spring and a walk in the rain. Some of our favourite parts of these stories have included being sprayed with water, feeling a fan blow air on our faces and watching the parachute move up and down over our heads.  We continue to enjoy our  “Dance Massage” activity which involves experiencing different movements and touches set to different pieces of music. The activity encourages interaction and builds relationships. It is also an opportunity to develop responses, body awareness and muscle relaxation.


Incorporated in lots of the things we do are activities that help us to maintain and develop our vision skills. We all enjoy watching the patterns made by our lazer light as well as the pictures we see from the projectors. We all have certain colours that we like to look at more than others.














We hope to continue having lots of fun with our friends for the rest of the term.