Welcome to Maple class

Children: 4 boys and 2 girls

Staff: Hilary & Lisa


Spring Term 2020

The focus for our activities this term is “The Wild West”. During the term pupils will experience a range of sensory activities which aim to encourage requests for more, anticipation, sustained attention and independent exploration. These activities will include a sensory story called “Cowboy, Cowboy, What do You Hear?”, alongside tactile, sound and vision activities with a Wild West theme, 1:1 vision work, nurturing touch, massage, wheelchair dancing and music. Pupils will also participate in walks around the local area, as well as using the sensory trail within school.

Every pupil will have access to a range of physical activities including rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, daily physiotherapy, mat time and the use of a range of equipment such as, benches, wedges and standing/walking frames.


We are enjoying our topic “The Wild West” and have had fun dressing up and looking at our reflections in the mirror.


We have also been experiencing some of the tastes and smells of the Wild West including, syrup, peppermint, sage, beans and Lapsang Souchong tea bags which smell like smoke from a campfire. Some of us enjoyed this activity more than others!



We work hard at our physiotherapy programmes each day. We have the opportunity to stand, practice head control on the wedge, sit supported on a bench and to stretch our arms, legs and hips. We loved lying in the Acheever bed which could be set up to support us in positions which are beneficial to us -it was also very comfortable!



We also work hard at creating effects/ sounds/ actions with a variety of switch toys. The dancing monkey is especially popular.