Our Dee Banks Career Programme

All students from Year 9, are entitled to access work-related learning. As Dee Banks School caters for a wide range of age and abilities; the school recognises that there can be some aspect of careers / future pathway preparation for all students. It is therefore necessary to approach work-related learning opportunities in our school, through experiences which are appropriate to their needs and abilities. Experiences can be both class based, in the school setting or offsite, depending on individual students.

Many of our students are experiential learners whose learning needs are met primarily through experiences and activities which stimulate learning through the senses of touch, hearing, taste, sight and smell. Some students may also be supported in structured patterns of communication and social activities to enable them to develop positive social behaviour.

Other students are able to communicate with a degree of fluency and make reasoned choices, work and act co-operatively in a small group with varying support, or on work independently for some aspects of their program.

Alongside class teachers, we have a designated Job Coach (see below for contact details) who works with our Year 9 to Year 14 students to support and guide them and ensure that all students experience a range of basic vocational skills. School offers every young person at least one meaningful encounter within work-related learning each year:

  • Many students access suitable Enterprise projects
  • Some classes may invite speakers in from different settings to discuss certain jobs.
  • Classes may visit a specific setting as a group to explore a workplace or attend a careers fair.
  • School may host a Transition Information event for students and carers to explore possible settings for transitions
  • From Year 9 on wards, students will receive careers guidance and an annual 1:1 meeting with our Job Coach. Depending on their learning style, they may progress to a short off-site work placement.They may shadow staff or participate in supported tasks during a school based placement.
  • When on a Further Education pathway, they will also receive Independent careers guidance from a Young Persons Services (YPS) representative, to continue to explore options.


Gaining Information on our Dee Banks Career Programme

Dee Banks has a variety of means for pupils, parents, teachers and employers to follow the progression of our Careers Programme. Information for career opportunities are available through a variety of means, such as Young Persons Services (YPS), and communication with employers.

As a way to help the pupils and parents have a better understanding of what we offer in our careers programme, we also offer taster sessions at colleges and service settings, and we may attend open days and Career fairs.

We try to gather as much inform to their own individual careers, be it in a social care settings, supported work placements or college.


Measuring and assessing the impact our Careers Programme on our individual students

The impact of each career placement is assessed on an individual basis, based on the skills each student has learnt whilst on their work experience. Our Job Coach will also receive feedback from the workplace setting, on how they feel the student has progressed during their placement. At the end of each placement, our Job Coach will support each student to review and evaluate next steps in their individual progress file, and compile a short placement report to be shared.

We use the Compass tool to track our progress against the Gatsby Benchmarks for Careers and set goals towards continually improving this provision for our pupils.

Dee Banks also has a Careers Policy which outlines provision in more detail.

Careers and Work Related Learning Policy


We have also created an overview of what provision may look like for individual students.

14-19 WRL Curriculum overview


If you would like any more information on our Careers Programme, the Post 14 Department and Jo Ogden our Job Coach, are always happy to meet and explain our provision in more detail.

Next review of the Careers Programme: September 2020


Job Coach

Jo Ogden


Email –  jogden@deebanks.cheshire.sch.uk

Contact number07760963481