At Dee Banks we aim to provide an enriching and enjoyable curriculum which best prepares our Post 14 students towards their future goals. We have a mixed age range in our classrooms and across each Class; Willow, Cedar, Redwood, Oak and Chestnut, our post 14 students begin to develop a personal pathway for their future education and social development.

The whole emphasis of our Department is to allow the students the opportunity to learn skills that will support their individual needs and support them later in life.

For many of our students, our curriculum promotes the ways in which learnt skills can be transferred to practical tasks. Where appropriate, there is great emphasis placed on the generalising of these skills into the wider community.



Our Post 14 Department aims to offer a mixture of learning opportunities; class learning, the individual interest and an individual flexible timetable. The aim of this is for students to enhance their learning opportunities by practicing skills within the appropriate environment.


We aim to provide our students with the tools they need to embark on their own individual pathways whether it be in the world of work, college or in their local community, developing individual’s confidence and independent skills.





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