Co-opted governor


Date of appointment: 23.10.19

End of appointment: 22.10.23

Appointment by: Governing board

Business interests: None

Financial interests: None

Material interests: None

Governing role in other schools: No

Structure and responsibilities: Linked to 14-19


Committees: Pay committee



I taught in Cheshire Secondary and Primary main- stream schools, prior to being appointed as a teacher at Dee Banks School, in 1996.

I spent 22 very happy years working with young people across the age range. For several years I was the Literacy Co-ordinator and was also responsible for setting up the International School Links, and I am delighted to see that these continue to flourish and grow.  I was always committed to enriching the curriculum by organising regular educational visits within the local area, and many residential trips both in the UK and Germany.

On my retirement in 2017 I was keen to maintain my relationship with the school community that had provided me with such a fulfilling, rewarding, and enjoyable career.  I wanted to give something back!!  With this aim I enquired about joining the Dee Banks Governors.

I hope that my knowledge and understanding of the school values and ethos, will enable me to make a positive contribution in this new role, and I look forward to being part of a school that continues to have high aspirations so that both students and staff can achieve their full potential in an exciting, safe, and fun environment.