We are very proud of our Dee Banks Eco Warriors, they’ve spread the word and the crisp packets have come in thick and fast.  So much so that we have earned Over £80 from sending those empty packets off to Terracycle to be made into plastic furniture and plantpots.

We had a vote and the Eco Committee chose to sponsor WWF and adopt a lion in Africa with the money we raise. 

Did you know that these powerful and majestic, the king of the beasts has no natural predators. But unthinkably, African lion numbers have plummeted by over 40% in the last three generations, due to loss of living space and conflict with people.  Three-quarters of African lion populations are in decline. With only around 20,000 in the wild, they’re now officially classified as ‘vulnerable’.

Lions are the most sociable of all big cats. They live in groups called prides, which usually consist of related females and their cubs. Dominant males, with their flowing manes (a sign of virility), fight to maintain breeding rights.

So keep sending those packets in, the more we collect the more good we can do with them.



We had a great day out at B&M Waste on the Wirral, learning about the importance of Reusing, refilling and recycling and made instruments from household waste.  It was really interesting seeing everything processed into small packages by huge machines, ready to be sent off to be recycled.