Role of the therapist

Music Therapy is based on the belief that everyone has the ability to respond to music in one form or another. Music therapists use a variety of techniques such as improvised music to songs to help encourage interaction and communication, as well as many other aims, which will be catered to each young person’s individual need.
The purpose of the sessions is not to teach music, but to help children develop the full range of developmental and life skills. Interactive music making combines communication skills with cognitive skills such as attention and listening, social skills such as turn taking, physical skills such as grasping and coordination, as well as self-awareness and self-confidence. The children are encouraged to sing and play a variety of instruments, whilst the music created is used to support self-expression and exploration, and encourage change.
One of the key elements to music therapy is that a relationship is built up with each individual and the music therapy takes place in a safe and secure environment.
The music therapy in Dee Banks will take on the form of individual and group sessions on a short or long term basis depending on each young person’s individual need and what would benefit them the most. Once you have returned the attached consent form to school, we are then able to start sessions with your child. Please be aware that this may start immediately or later in the school year depending on our assessment but we are aiming for a large number of pupils to have access over the year.
If you would like more information on music therapy then please do not hesitate to contact the school and ask for one of the music therapists. 

Days in school

Michael Palmer – Monday
Lisa Jones – Tuesday and Wednesday

Contact Information

Please contact the school office and ask for Michael, Lisa or Jo Williams.