Role of the therapist

There are great benefits to rebound therapy, allowing children freedom of movement through gentle rhythmical bouncing, they can develop a range of skills including gross motor, balance, independence, interaction, trust and communication as well as having lots of fun.

It is impossible to bounce without smiling or enjoyment, this helps to release endorphins ‘happy hormone’ in your body and allows freedom of movement not otherwise experienced; movement in space. Rebound helps to develop spatial awareness and proprioception (tightening and loosening of muscles) helping the sensory nerve endings in the muscles feedback to the brain.

This type of therapy helps to increase self-confidence, balance and awareness of your own body; in turn, improving fitness, strength, improving posture, heart rate and breathing.





Any child who participates in rebound sessions must have signed parental consent, please contact your child’s class teacher if you would like to ensure they have the appropriate consent forms completed.


Days we are in school

Dee Banks School have been working to develop their facilities to support Rebound sessions. We currently have three trained coaches within school which allows Rebound sessions to be carried out most days.


Rebound session

A typical rebound session lasts 20 minutes per child.

The session starts with a 5 minute relaxation, stretching and movement of the joints followed by gentle bouncing to a more high energy workout and ending with a calm and cool down, low bouncing to bobble technique.

Music and materials are used suited to the age and development of the child to help with visual tracking and engagement.

Padding of body for support may be required for some children using cushions, bean pillows and soft memory foam mats to prevent hands and skin rubbing on the movement of the bed.




Any other information

Our Rebound therapists ensure that medical consent forms are up to date and that they record the progress of the children using the Winstrada development award programme. Coaches regularly liaise with physiotherapists in school to ensure each child’s session is relevant and individualised to meet their specific needs.

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