The calming activities are very important as they provide input to ensure that children leave the circuit calm, centered and ready for the day ahead. Activities include proprioceptive or deep pressure activities

Activities that could be used in this section include:

  • Squishes with big physio balls
  • Lying under weighted blankets
  • Hand massage
  • Hand and feet in weighted bean bags
  • Wearing Tight Clothing
  • Body socks or stretchy bands for short intervals during play
  • Compression clothing worn throughout the day
  • Wearing compression or weighted vests for 10-20 minutes during difficult times of the day (i.e. transitions)
  • Quiet time in sensory tent
  • Using heavy or weighed blankets or lap pads (check out the whole guide for weighted blankets here and how and when to use weighted lap pads.)
  • Vibration (is calming rather than alerting when used for longer periods of time)
  • Handheld massagers
  • Vibrating cushions/pillows
  • Teethers and chewable toys