Physical activities

  • Wheelbarrow walking.
  • Animal walks (e.g bear walks, crab walking, frog jumps)
  • Trampolining.
  • Cycling or using a scooter.
  • Swings (forward and back, side to side, rotary)
  • Rough and tumble play.
  • Deep pressure squishing or sandwiching with pillows or balls
  • Spinners and roundabouts


  • on bed
  • sofa
  • trampoline


  • rock walls
  • jungle gyms
  • monkey bars
  • ropes
  • slides
  • through a tunnel


  • outdoor swings
  • indoor swings
  • swinging child in a blanket


  • scooter board
  • bikes
  • scooters
  • skateboard
  • roller blades
  • sleds
  • any of the above over bumps or down hills
  • seesaw


Home made games – Click the game to see how to play

Sensory diet

Pushing/Pulling Heavy Objects (Heavy Work Activities)

  • carrying shopping
  • pushing empty wheelie bins inside
  • raking leaves
  • pulling weeds
  • shovelling mud/soil
  • vacuuming
  • pushing shopping trolley
  • carrying a laundry basket
  • a rope tied to a door knob or heavy object


  • crunchy foods
  • gum
  • salty or spicy foods
  • chewy jewelry
  • chewable pencil tops
  • chewable safe toys
  • teethers and chewable toys

Vibration (is alerting versus calming when used in short bursts)

  • handheld massagers
  • vibrating cushions/pillows

Playing active games

  • running
  • obstacle courses
  • skipping
  • leap frog
  • tug of war
  • wheelbarrow walking
  • various animal walks (walking like a crab, hopping like a kangaroo, etc.)
  • row, row, row your boat with a partner
  • Swimming
  • Crashing and jumping into pillows (put all of your pillows or soft toys in a pile on the floor)

Playing with textures (Stimulates the tactile sense)

  • shaving cream
  • finger Paint
  • mud
  • wet sand
  • water
  • ice


  • various whistles and noise makers
  • bubbles
  • pinwheels



  • Rolling on a large ball on back or belly
  • Sitting on a large ball – during meals, for homework/in school
  • Scratching their back vigorously for a few minutes

Spinning (a very intense sensory experience, best for kids to spin themselves even if they love spinning. Be very cautious of spinning a child, and only do so a few times in both directions. This is important because it will help balance out their system.)

  • swing
  • swivel chair
  • while standing
  • sit and spin

Playing in sensory bin (tons of ideas, the sky is the limit)

  • rice
  • beans
  • birdseed
  • sand
  • cloud dough
  • spaghetti/ noodles


  • Massage
  • Kneeding playdough or therapy putty

Handling fidget toys (a wide variety of options)

  • koosh balls
  • stress balls

Squishing and squeezing

  • hugs
  • squeezing into tight spots or behind furniture
  • wrapping up tightly in blanket
  • sleeping in stretchy sheets that are tucked in on sides
  • laying under a large yoga ball
  • Sit or stand or a wobble cushion or wiggle seat (great for meals, homework, and crafts)

Using essential oils (different types of oils are used to calm or be alert)

  • in room diffusers
  • applying to skin
  • in bath


  • Listening to rhythmic or soft music
  • Wearing noise cancelling headphones


Watching slow moving or soothing images

  • Fish tank
  • Lava lamp
  • Slow changing lights


  • Drinking something warm
  • Sucking thick milkshake through a straw
  • Drinking something cold

Slow rocking

  • Rocking chair
  • Hammock