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Please note that not responsible for the content of external internet sites. If you are aware of a site that could be really useful to other parents please ring Helen Maxwell at school and she will add them to the information section.

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EHCP Support

Diana Carr independent Supporter Edge Consultancy

Edge Independent Support Leaflet June 2015

Please find above her leaflet with contact details

Accessible Toys

The BBC recently published an online artileĀ  that may be useful for accessing toys and accessible computer technology that may be useful. There is further information and links to purchaceable products.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites and consequently neither can we.

The following links offer advice in strategies to use for a more peaceful environment at home!

CWAC Doctors Information

The following link will give you information regarding out of hours surgeries, how to register with a doctor, and further health issue links.


Although FASD stands for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome the link to “Strategies not Solution” is a handbook with a wealth of information to rethink reasons behind behaviours and strategies to overcome the challenges presented by children who learn differently to the majority of the population. There is a wealth of information on such things as impulse control, calming techniques, sensory dysfunction eating/sleeping/relationships and sexuality to name just a few.

It is well worth spending the time to read as some of these could prove useful both at home and in school. – Please let us know if you try something that works!!


Click on the following link to access the website for the National Autistic Society website for specific information for individuals on the spectrum, parents, and professionals.

Downs Syndrome

Click on the following link for help and information for people with Downs Syndrome , parents and professionals.

Cerebral Palsy

For help and information regarding Cerebral Palsy please click on the link below