Welcome to Beech class

Children:3 boys and 3 girls

Staff: Del, Georgina & Cheryl


Beech class have been working very hard learning all about how hard farmers work for our On the Farm topic. We’ve been loving doing some of the jobs farmers have to do, like collecting eggs from chickens, in sensory story.

We’ve also been listening to the story “What the Ladybird Heard” and we get very excited when the animals help the police to catch the bad guys.

We couldn’t resist the snow when it came though and we took the opportunity to play outside in it and feel how cold it was! We also loved to hear the crunch under our wheelchairs!

Our old favourites art and music also continue to happen and the children always enjoy it and give the staff lots of responses as well as creating masterpieces!

In Beech class we are very proud of each other and we like to share our news with one another as well as show off our achievements and this continues to help our students maintain their friendships.