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Cherry class have been working hard this term on their new topic “The Working World”. In English we have examined a range of different jobs and worked on factual research and writing to find out more about the different roles and which ones we might like to do ourselves. We have explored a variety of ways to write using non-fiction including lists, questionnaires and diary entries. In maths we have been improving monitory skills specifically identifying coins and their values, using money in real life situations and setting budgets for ourselves. Throughout science this term we have been developing our knowledge of plants and animals through farm life including food chains, harvesting and growing conditioning. We will carry out tests and experiments using practical skills as well as prediction, estimation and fair testing. In art we looked at a variety of famous artists. We practiced similar skills to these artists then used these skills to create pieces of art in the style of the various artists. We have also studied different ICT tools that can be used to create different designs and how we can use those designs to create pieces of art.  In music we focuses on dynamics as well as singing and signing and learning about famous musicians and their work. In PE we improved balance, movement, strength and team work skills and in RE we have been learning about significant roles in world religions as well as celebrating Christmas, Harvest and Diwali. We have also been developing more pastoral skills including; emotional literacy, citizenship, hygiene, swimming, teamwork and cooking.