Welcome to Cherry class

Children: 7 boys and 3 girls

Staff: Emily, Karen, Ollie & Amanda


We have already had an exciting start to the school year with lots going on. We have begun to look at or new topic of ‘Narnia’ and the students have been completing a range of lessons and tasks based on the stories of C.S. Lewis. We have written evacuee postcards, packed our bags for a journey, retold the story in our own words and travelled through the wardrobe to learn more about mystical lands. With the new school year, we have also introduced a new approach to our curriculum and this has given the pupils more opportunities to develop their independence skills. This can be through cooking and food prep, dressing skills or regulating emotions and behaviour. The students are already making progress both in lessons and out of the classroom environment and we are excited to see them improve further as the year goes on.


Whilst we work hard in cherry class, we also play hard! The pupils enjoy a wide range of activities which aren’t classroom based including singing in the school choir or attending music therapy, physical sessions such as football club, swimming or rebound therapy and trips out, whether that means going out on the bus to the beach or walking to the local café.