Welcome to Hazel class

Children: 7 boys

Staff: Phillipa, Emma, Josie & Dawn

Hazel class are really enjoying the new term, learning lots of independent life skills to help us on our way.  Every day we practice washing our hands, face and teeth and are regularly washing our pots after snack, hoovering up after ourselves and even using the washing machine to wash our clothes after swimming.


We are getting out and about lots too, we go shopping at the supermarket every Monday, buying ingredients for our cooking. Every Wednesday we visit St Luke’s café and so long as the weather is kind to us we are going for a walk in the community on a Friday, practicing our road safety skills.  We had a fantastic day at the zoo and we were so proud of everyone, a day full of smiles!

Walking to the cafe.


Back in school we are having lots of fun getting creative in art and cooking and love our PE, bikes and swimming session