Welcome to Oak class

Children: 4 boys and 1 girl

Staff: Janet, Danielle and Pam.


Oak class would like to share some of the activities that we experienced during December.

We enjoyed watching Aladdin, the music and lights made us laugh. We love to listen to music, pupils and staff alike really enjoyed our Christmas treat with Russ on guitar and Helen on the double bass.



 We continue to enjoy our weekly swims and rebound as well as daily physiotherapy.  However if you visit our room you will often find us exploring switches attached to lights of various colours and sizes.


Our theme this term is ‘The Farm’ and our sensory story ‘We went to visit a farm one day’ has lots of strange sounds and smells. There are squelchy wellington boots, smelly pigs, cows to milk and a tractor ride, we sit under the parachute and listen  to The Wurzels ‘Tractor Song.’ We all enjoy music and sounds especially during ‘sound bath’ and our listening story ‘Did you feed my Cow?’ favourite instruments include the xylophone and gong.


Oak class enjoy meeting up with their friends from other classes so when the weather is fine we join them outside at play times, we also go to choir and guinea pig club. Since January we have enjoyed joining Cherry class for Library time, we enjoy hearing them read stories.