Welcome to Olive class

Children: 8 boys and 2 girls

Staff: Andy, Jackie & Emma

This term we have welcomed back one of our class mates who has had a little time off recently and has been greatly missed.

This term our topic is the zoo and we have been thinking about our favourite animals and doing lots of different pieces of art work related to our favourite animals such as a gigantic multi coloured lion head and monkeys hanging from the vines. We have also been looking at different stories including our main story this term which is called the zoo vet and shows how we should take care of our animals which has been really helpful for us especially as we have two furry friends to look after in class called Eric and Norman. We make sure they always have everything they need by visiting pets at home and getting them food, fresh sawdust and making sure their cage is nice and clean.



Our main focuses this term about from our topic work have been narrative sessions focused on our new class story called ‘the witch’ which is very spooky, communication and PSHE which has been focusing on keeping ourselves clean including washing ourselves and brushing our teeth. We also enjoy our group sessions with our friends from Palm class in which we focus on a number of different things including play skills, transitioning, problem solving, good/bad strangers, shopping for important items as well as more formal subjects such as English and Maths.

This is the finished Olive class lion based on the art work we have seen in Chester Zoo cafe by the artist Steven Brown.