Welcome to Olive class

Children: 6 boys and 2 girls

Staff: Andy, Jackie & Emma

In Olive class, we have a class of 8 children (6 boys, 2 girls) that range from 6-9 years old. This term our topic is magical creatures and we have been making lots of different creatures including unicorns, dragons and a mermaid. We also looked at the giants that came to Liverpool as some of the children had lots of fun going to visit them especially Xolo the very cheeky dog. We have been looking at magical stories such as Not now Bernard, The Gruffalo and Jake bakes a monster cake which we have enjoyed reading and answering questions about. Also as part of our magical theme, we have been taking part in potions class with a real witch or wizard teaching the class.



Our main focuses this term are communication, independence and our problem solving skills. We have been trying really hard with our independence by making sure we wash our hands before food and after the toilet, making toast and cups of tea for our friends and family, learning about road safety as well as looking after the class guinea pigs Eric & Norman. We are also a very active class and love playing sports, going on walks, using the bikes and swimming as well as running around and playing with our friends.