Welcome to Redwood class

Children: 6 boys and 1 girl

Staff: Erica, Tracey & Amy                                   


In Redwood class we like to work as a team to get the best job done!

We are caring, patient and kind to one another as we want everyone to be happy!

This year in Redwood class, we have been working on independent skills, including baking, personal hygiene, shopping and travel training. We are also keeping fit, using the exercise equipment and the bikes on a Wednesday! We have also been doing messy play and sensory activities which the pupils love! 

This term, we have been going to Sainsbury’s and St Luke’s cafe once a week. At Sainsbury’s we take our own shopping lists, put our own items in to the trolley and scanning the items. When going to St Luke’s cafe, we walk, using road safety to cross the roads. We choose our own snack, pay, and tidy up after ourselves when we are finished.