Music therapy



Music therapy is a well established clinical therapeutic intervention that has been available to pupils at Dee Banks School since 2011.    



If you would like to discuss any aspect of music therapy I am available in school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 


How does music therapy help at Dee Banks School?

Music therapy is particularly beneficial to children who find it difficult to communicate due to illness, injury or disability.  Music has the unique ability to connect and music therapy can offer children who have no language a way to express and share how they feel with others.  As children begin to play in sessions their confidence often increases and they become more able to adapt to changes in routine and their surroundings.  Music can also motivate children to develop communication skills, and help them to interact with their peers.  Engaging in music therapy can motivate children to improve their motor skills aiding physical development both through moving to the music created in sessions and reaching out to play the musical instruments.


So what happens in a music therapy session?

At Dee Banks School children attend weekly sessions individually or in small groups depending on the reasons for their referral. 

Music therapy sessions are structured around the needs of the individual or group.  A selection of percussion instruments, guitars and the piano are available and are carefully selected for their suitability within sessions.  All music is created spontaneously in the sessions with the therapist using sensitively judged musical responses to give the child a sense of being heard and responded to in a special way, allowing them to discover their own musical language.  The music therapist uses a careful balance between structure and flexibility to allow the relationships and skills to develop.        


Music Therapy Extended Services

It is not just the children at Dee Banks who benefit from the music therapy provision at the school.  A music therapy outreach service is also provided with two weekly music therapy groups held for pre-school children and their families.  Research studies acknowledge the benefits of music therapy with young children and the groups at Dee Banks School are designed to help promote early communication skills and enable pre-school children to have the opportunity to begin to explore aspects of peer interaction in a therapeutic context.  The groups also provide an invaluable opportunity for parents to share ideas and support one another.


In music therapy sessions at Dee Banks School the children work hard to achieve their potential and I feel fortunate to be able to share this special time with them. 


Music Therapy Music therapy Music therapyMusic therapyMusic therapy


Rebecca Hennessey (Music Therapist)