School Values and Ethos

The Governors have formulated the following aims for the school, and whilst your child is a pupil at the school we hope to:

 Provide a curriculum in accordance with national criteria, which will ensure a wide range of quality learning and social experiences and equality of opportunity;

 Provide opportunities for developing personal independence, self esteem and self confidence;

 Make the learning experience enjoyable and enriching;

 Establish a stable school community, committed to a high degree of caring, in which pupils can feel secure and happy;

 Ensure pupils achieve the highest standards of achievement, behaviour and discipline;

 Ensure pupils reach their maximum potential through a wide range of teaching methods, styles and resources;

 Provide a high quality assessment, recording and reporting system;

 Establish close links with parents by providing opportunities for parents to visit the school to discuss their child’s progress and participate in social occasions;

 Integrate pupils into the local community and establish close links with local commerce and industry;

 Establish close links with local Primary, High Schools and Colleges of Further Education;

 Establish and maintain good channels of communication;

 Recruit high calibre staff and provide a quality staff development  programme.