Welcome to Maple class

Children: 3 boys and 3 girls

Staff: Hilary & Lisa


The focus for our activities this term is “A Magic Carpet Ride”. We have been experiencing a range of sensory activities which encourage requests for more, anticipation, sustained attention and independent exploration. These activities include sensory stories about flying on a magic carpet and taking a journey to Egypt, as well as music, sensology, exploring the outdoor sensory trail and taking part in Forest School activities. We enjoy our weekly nurturing touch massage sessions when we listen to music and interact with a variety of tactile objects such as warm rice bags and water balloons. We have also had fun smelling and tasting spicy foods such as sweet chilli crisps, cinnamon and peppers.



We have enjoyed listening to music and sounds from around the world such as a rainforest, an Indian band and a Chinese gong. Some of our favourite stories have been “The Gruffalo”and “Mouses Cheese Hunt”. We have been exploring our environment through messy play activities with ice, sand, water and grass.



Spring Term




On a daily basis the pupils experience a range of sensory activities to encourage requests for more, anticipation, sustained attention, understanding of cause and effect, independent exploration and choice making. The focus for activities for this term is ‘On the farm’. We enjoy listening to sensory stories about the farm and like to hear the sounds of the different animals as well as experience a variety of different textures.



We all have our favourite activities which include learning to feed ourselves, responding to different sounds and listening to opera!



We also have great fun dressing up for whole school events such as the Christmas show.