Welcome to Maple class

Children: 3 boys and 3 girls

Staff: Hilary & Lisa



In Maple class we all take part in a range of physical activities including rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, daily physiotherapy and using equipment such as benches, wedges and standing frames. We also enjoy taking part in outdoor activities such as story based walks around the sensory trail and a firm favourite forest school around the fire pit. We have learnt to use different tools and have experienced the smell and texture of toasted marshmallows.


On a daily basis the pupils experience a range of sensory activities to encourage requests for more, anticipation, sustained attention, understanding of cause and effect, independent exploration and choice making. The focus for activities for this term is ‘On the farm’. We enjoy listening to sensory stories about the farm and like to hear the sounds of the different animals as well as experience a variety of different textures.



We all have our favourite activities which include learning to feed ourselves, responding to different sounds and listening to opera!



We also have great fun dressing up for whole school events such as the Christmas show.