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UPDATE Thursday 2nd April 2020


Dear parents, carers, families and staff

Following advice from PHE and the DfE and in consultation with the Local Authority, school will be re-opening on Monday 6th April for a small number of pupils.
These families have been contacted and the transport team are making the necessary arrangements.


I hope you are all keeping as well as you can. Families, I hope you have benefitted from the regular contact with your familiar staff this week.  It is lovely to speak with everyone, parents, carers, families, staff and even some of our pupils! Thank you all for the tremendous effort you are making to interact with each other.  We are usually such an interpersonal school and I know how much we are all struggling without our usual contact.


Home Learning

Please do remember that learning resources are there to support you, if you want to use them.  There is no expectation to provide evidence of activities but many of you have sent us lovely photos, videos and messages on Evidence for Learning which has proved a great way to keep in touch. We know that many of you are enjoying seeing how your child learns, discovering new resources and learning from each other.  Thank you for your photographs, film clips, stories and emails. It is uplifting to see how you are getting on.


And finally…

It is ok not to be ok. You might be lonely, frightened, confused or vulnerable.  If you need any additional help, support or a conversation, then please do call me on 07549773495 or Jo on 07385264946 or email admin@deebanks.cheshire.sch.uk.  Myself or a member of the SLT will phone you or email you back.

We are all going through this together as a team.  Please do not feel isolated.  We can get help for you if you need it.


Stay safe and keep in touch

Best wishes


Jude McGuinness


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