When communicating with people from school they may use some of these acronyms.


D of E – Duke of Edinburgh
PE – Physical Education
RE – Religious Education
PSHCE – Personal social, health, citizenship, emotional
ICT – Information communication technology
DT – Design technology
SRE – Sex & Relationships Education


AR – Annual Review
CIN – Child in Need

Within school

Pupils and needs

VI – Visual impairment
BM – Bowel Movement
HI – Hearing impairment
SPD – Sensory Processing Disorder
MSI – Multi-Sensory Impairment

Assessing paperwork

NH – No Help
SH – Spoken Help
GH – Gestural Help
PH – Physical Help
SE – Sensory Experience
ER – Experience Recorded


CAMHS – Child and Adolescent mental health service
LD CAMHS – Learning Disability Child and Adolescent mental health service
SALT – Speech and language team
OT – Occupational therapy
TAF – Team Around the Family


PLIMs – Personalised Learning Intention Map / PLOM - Personalised Learning Opportunities Map
IEP – Individual Education Plan
LRT plan – Listen, Respond Teach plan
EHCP – Educational Health Care Plan
EfL – Evidence for Learning

Staffing and Organisation

TA – Teaching assistant
HLTA – High level teaching assistant
EAL – English as an additional language
KS – Key Stage
EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage
SLT – Senior Management Team
ASC – Autistic Spectrum Condition (Formally ASD – Autistic Spectrum Disorder)
PMLD – Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties
SLD – Severe Learning Difficulties
TLR – Teaching and Learning Responsibility


ILS – Independent Living Skills
LAC – Looked After Child
PEP – Personal Education Plan (Only carried out when a child is looked after.)
PA – Personal assistant
ELSA – Emotional learning support assistant
IWB – Interactive White Board
LMAD – Let’s Make a Deal
PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System
CAF – Common Assessment Framework
CWAC – Cheshire West and Chester
DLA – Disability Living Allowance
CA – Carers Allowance
PIP – Personal Independence Payment
FSM – Free School Meals
PP – Pupil Premium
FE – Further Education
RC – Recovery curriculum


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