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This year we have signed up to join Eco - Schools where we will be working towards acheiving our first Green Flag award!

We have chosen three areas within our school that we believe we can help reduce usage and waste along with rebuilding the nature around us. Those three areas Electricty, Waste and Litter, and Biodiversity. Below is a brief plan of each action we will be taking in school to help save our planet. 

Electricity: We like a good competition at Deebanks and what better way to do this then compete as a school. Each day our Eco-warriors will visit classrooms to check the amount of electricity being saved. The class who prove to be saving the most electricty/energy per week are awarded a certificate. We then look at the class who saves the most of the term and they will then win a prize for their class. So keep a check on your electricty in your homes as you could be making a huge saving along with helping our planet!

Litter and Waste: As a school we are very good in looking after our grounds and community around us. There are classes that participate in litter picks both around the school grounds and the immediate community. We will continue to do this throughout the years. We would also like to focus on reducing the amount of food that is wasted. We currently have a food recycling separate bin that left over food from lunch time is placed. We will be encouraging and supporting each class to reduce their food waste from snack times by providing biodergradble bags in which can then be placed in the food waste. Towards late spring early summer we can also reuse this the food as part of compost by disposing in the compost bin. 

Biodiversity: This year we will be focusing on rebuilding our small Meadow. We have already begun to replace insect homes. We are looking to re-build our bug hotel and more bird boxes (if there are any DIY parents out there that would like to make and donate!). A long with these we will be looking after our insects by planting wild flowers to increase the wildlife around us.


We are also very proud of our Eco Warriors as they have continued to spread the word about saving our crisp packets, please keep sending these in and they will help us to help our planet in sending them to be reused and made into plantpots and plastic furniture. 

So keep sending those packets in, the more we collect the more good we can do with them.

We are also collecting old batteries to be recycled and reused. So please if you have any old batteries send them to school to be recycled and continue to support us in saving our planet. 




Today the Eco -council worked together as a team to help plant some new flower seeds in our little meadow along with beginning to build our new Bug Hotel.  We are looking forward to seeing our colourful meadow grow and the wildlife return to full bloom. 






The older children in the school have really taken  pride when it comes to keeping our school grounds and the community clean and tidy. 





A great big congratulations to all the eco council, the children and staff of Deebanks for collectively earning thr Eco-Schools award with Merit. 




The Eco- Council have been working hard in keeping the grounds of the school clean and tidy. Here we are having a clean up day of the school field and sensory gardens.


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