PMLD Pathway

Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) Pathway

The PMLD curriculum is for children and young people with profound, complex and multiple learning difficulties, it provides pupils with a range of multi- sensory opportunities which are tailored to meet individual needs. There will be a balance of group and individual work and pupils will have the opportunity to experience a range of sensory activities through a personalised approach.

Where appropriate pupils will have opportunities to experience inclusive activities with their peers.

The following domains form the core learning opportunities:


Communication and Interaction

Pupils require people around them who are intuitive and responsive to any attempts to interact or communicate.

Through a range of sensory activities, including Intensive Interaction, sensory stories, Tac Pac and music pupils are given opportunities to respond (to events and activities) to interact (with others) and to communicate (express like/ dislike, request more and make choices).

Cognition and Learning:

Pupils require support to explore and interpret their world. They need to experience multi-sensory and interactive activities over and over again in order to learn, remember and become familiar with them, they are encouraged to use their sense to respond to, explore and to realise that they can control their immediate environment. Activities include resonance boards, Sensology and switch work.

Sensory and Physical:

Pupils are provided with opportunities to move around both freely or with support.

Physical activities should consider body awareness, fine motor, gross motor and mobility.

All pupils have a physical programme, which is identified by the physiotherapist and OT, it outlines individual programmes of stretches, postural changes and identifies equipment to be used.

All pupils have a moving and handling programme which is compiled by the class team with support from the therapy team and manual handling coordinator.

A programme of body awareness includes Sensory massage, Tac Pac, rebound therapy and hydrotherapy.

Sensory Activities incorporate vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch and include sensory stories and Sensology.


All pupils should be given time to become as independent as possible and should be considered as an integral part of everything the pupil experiences. Independence and self-help can be difficult for PMLD learners to develop due to their level of development however we aim to support them to be

as independent as possible by developing communication, interaction, choice making, ensuring all activities are familiar and consistent.

Staff recognise that all routines are important and provide opportunities for pupils to communicate and be involved with, as far as they are able.


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