Pupils have access to a range of school facilities and resources which support personal development and specific curriculum areas.



The school has a superb sixteen meter length pool, which will heat to hydrotherapy temperatures. The physiotherapists use the pool to work with children who have additional physical disabilities. All pupils have access to the pool for swimming lessons once a week.

Swimming Pool.jpg




On the primary play area the school has installed a climbing frame for the primary classes to enjoy along with their giant see-saw.

The school has recently redesigned the senior playground to make it more interactive for the children whilst they have some free time at break and lunch times.

The playground is where the school’s outdoor classroom is located. This allows for learning to take place outside as well as a calming environment for the children during their free time.




The school has a small hall in which a soft play jungle environment has been designed. The bottom level has sound and light technology installed and as such is interactive; the top level has been designed to challenge the more physically able. We also have tactile panels on the wall for students to interact with.

Soft Play.jpg


Sensory Room.jpg


Dee Banks has a recently refurbished sensory room which is timetabled to provide opportunities for pupils across the school to do specific sensory work. Staff have received training about how to use a range of sensory resources and equipment to promote engagement and develop key skills.




The 3 mini-buses are used for visits outside school where pupils are introduced to a variety of educational experiences to extend our curriculum provision.  All classes have the opportunity to use the bus for a whole day, to expand experiences, support learning, and increase enjoyment and understanding of our world. The bus also allows us to engage in activities and use facilities unavailable within our school.

Mini Bus.jpg


Playing Field.jpg


The school has a large field for all of the children to enjoy when the weather permits. On the field, the school have built several features to make their time outside more enjoyable. The children have the opportunity to help to grow plants and food in the school’s garden as well as explore the sensory trail which goes around the outside of the field.




Many of the staff and friends of the school fund raised in different ways (including running the London marathon) to buy a huge range of specially adapted bikes so that all our pupils can experience cycling which the children can use on the school’s bike track. Next to the bike track the school have recently installed outdoor fitness equipment to challenge children of different abilities.

Bike Track.jpg



Rebound Therapy.jpg


Rebound Therapy uses a trampoline to allow pupils to experience movement, from gentle rhythmical bouncing to more high-energy workouts. Pupils experience movement which helps them to develop their gross motor skills, independence, interaction and communication as well as enabling them to have lots of fun.




SENse is an interactive floor, which allows pupils to explore, whilst learning about cause and effect. It can either be accessed whilst lying down, seated or standing up. There are lots of different images that respond to even the slightest body movement, simply touch to make the fish swim or the fireworks explode. Uncover the image of a spaceman by sweeping your hands across the floor or play interactive games.




Eye Gaze.jpg


Eye Gaze allows pupils to access the computer using their eyes; it provides opportunities for them to independently play a wide range of games and fun activities and promotes the development of early visual skills.

Eye Gaze can also be used as an assessment tool allowing us to observe what images motivate our pupils, what they attend to and track as well as what they notice and don’t notice.




Dee Banks School

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Dee Banks School

Take a Journey through
our world where every
student matters!