Physical/Sensory Diet Activities

  • Wheelbarrow walking.
  • Animal walks (e.g bear walks, crab walking, frog jumps)
  • Trampolining.
  • Cycling or using a scooter.
  • Swings (forward and back, side to side, rotary)
  • Rough and tumble play.
  • Deep pressure squishing or sandwiching with pillows or balls
  • Spinners and roundabouts


  • on bed
  • sofa
  • trampoline


  • rock walls
  • jungle gyms
  • monkey bars
  • ropes
  • slides
  • through a tunnel


  • outdoor swings
  • indoor swings
  • swinging child in a blanket


  • scooter board
  • bikes
  • scooters
  • skateboard
  • roller blades
  • sleds
  • any of the above over bumps or down hills
  • seesaw

Home made games

Island hopping
Put lots of cushions and pillows on the floor.

The aim is to get across the islands (pillows and cushions) without landing in the water (on the floor)

To make it harder
Move the cushions and pillows further apart

Take away some of the cushions and pillows


String maze
Attach one long piece of string to various objects across the room to make an obstacle course for your child to climb through.

To make it harder
Add more string for them to get around

Add different levels.


Target post-it
Attach 26 post it notes to the back of a door/ on the wall and write a different letter on each one and put them in a random order.

Make a start line a short distance away from the post it door/wall.

When your child is standing behind the line, give them a soft ball, bean bag, stuffed animal or pair of rolled up socks.

Give your child a letter and get them to throw the items at the correct post it.

As well as the alphabet, you could also try
Making sentences


Cup catch
Using a light ball (like a ping pong ball) and two plastic cups.

Throw the ball to each other and try to catch it in the cups.

To make it harder
Move further away
Use smaller cups
Use a smaller ball


How many can you get on target?

Using the washing basket, large containers, empty plant pots.

Get your child to practice their throwing skills.

To make it harder
Move the containers further away

Use smaller containers

Give each container a

  • colour
  • number
  • letter
  • word
  • emotion

Call out which container you want your child to throw their item into.


Use masking tape to create your own bowling lane.

Use anything for a ball and use plastic cups as bowling pins.

You can stack the cups into a pyramid to make it more interesting.

To make it harder
Tape items to the inside of the cups to make the cups heavier and harder to knock down.


Sensory diet

Pushing/Pulling Heavy Objects (Heavy Work Activities)

  • carrying shopping
  • pushing empty wheelie bins inside
  • raking leaves
  • pulling weeds
  • shovelling mud/soil
  • vacuuming
  • pushing shopping trolley
  • carrying a laundry basket
  • a rope tied to a door knob or heavy object


  • crunchy foods
  • gum
  • salty or spicy foods
  • chewy jewelry
  • chewable pencil tops
  • chewable safe toys
  • teethers and chewable toys

Vibration (is alerting versus calming when used in short bursts)

  • handheld massagers
  • vibrating cushions/pillows

Playing active games

  • running
  • obstacle courses
  • skipping
  • leap frog
  • tug of war
  • wheelbarrow walking
  • various animal walks (walking like a crab, hopping like a kangaroo, etc.)
  • row, row, row your boat with a partner
  • Swimming
  • Crashing and jumping into pillows (put all of your pillows or soft toys in a pile on the floor)

Playing with textures (Stimulates the tactile sense)

  • shaving cream
  • finger Paint
  • mud
  • wet sand
  • water
  • ice


  • various whistles and noise makers
  • bubbles
  • pinwheels


  • Rolling on a large ball on back or belly
  • Sitting on a large ball – during meals, for homework/in school
  • Scratching their back vigorously for a few minutes

Spinning (a very intense sensory experience, best for kids to spin themselves even if they love spinning. Be very cautious of spinning a child, and only do so a few times in both directions. This is important because it will help balance out their system.)

  • swing
  • swivel chair
  • while standing
  • sit and spin

Playing in sensory bin (tons of ideas, the sky is the limit)

  • rice
  • beans
  • birdseed
  • sand
  • cloud dough
  • spaghetti/ noodles


  • Massage
  • Kneeding playdough or therapy putty

Handling fidget toys (a wide variety of options)

  • koosh balls
  • stress balls

Squishing and squeezing

  • hugs
  • squeezing into tight spots or behind furniture
  • wrapping up tightly in blanket
  • sleeping in stretchy sheets that are tucked in on sides
  • laying under a large yoga ball
  • Sit or stand or a wobble cushion or wiggle seat (great for meals, homework, and crafts)

Using essential oils (different types of oils are used to calm or be alert)

  • in room diffusers
  • applying to skin
  • in bath


  • Listening to rhythmic or soft music
  • Wearing noise cancelling headphones

Watching slow moving or soothing images

  • Fish tank
  • Lava lamp
  • Slow changing lights


  • Drinking something warm
  • Sucking thick milkshake through a straw
  • Drinking something cold

Slow rocking

  • Rocking chair
  • Hammock


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