Welcome to Cherry class

Children: 7 boys and 3 girls

Staff: Lorraine, Emily, Lee & Rachel


We can’t believe it is February already! We are so proud of how far each pupil in Cherry class has come and how well they have worked on their targets. We are focusing mostly on communicating effectively with each other and enjoying developing their friendships. We are very lucky to be able to work across classes (Laurel), and split the communication groups into three; literacy group, narrative group and sensory story group. We also work with Willow when we do our drama club on a Friday which we have started this term!


We love being out in the community, and we have seen a lot more confidence and independence when we are out. On a Tuesday, the class splits into two. One group go to the local shop and the park, the other group go to the cafe. We have even made a lovely friendship with the ladies in the Rhino cafe, and Cherry class have represented the school SO well that they have said they would like to raise money for the school!


Cherry class have LOVED being introduced to Class Dojo. This is a reward system that we use in class. The pupils get 1,2, or 3 points at a time for the brilliant things we see e.g. good listening, sharing, helping, making us proud or being a superstar (the class favourite). Each 10 points they achieve, we bang a gong (which seems to be getting louder as the weeks go by) and a reward e.g. extra choose time. When they reach 80 points, they get the teachers chair. EVERYONE loves this one, which has been a brilliant motivator for the pupils to get more and more points whilst their poor teacher looses her comfy chair!



We played Park Bench together for our first session, can you believe we made this story in less than 5 minutes! Can you work out what is happening in the story? 🕵️🔎 All i can say is that I’m glad we had a sniffer dog to help us out! 🐕



Autumn Term

We have had a brilliant start to the year in Cherry Class. We have 4 new pupils to the class and a new teacher. We have really enjoyed getting to know each other and build our friendships.


Cherry class have been working on our communication, team work and leaderships skills. We have learnt to do these things in lots of fun ways. It has been great to see the class talking things through with each other, initiating discussions and supporting each other.