Welcome to Lilac class

Children: 4 boys and 3 girl

Staff: Elizabeth, Genet, Kate & Carla



In lilac class we love to learn and have fun. The key areas we focus on are independence, communication, danger awareness, engagement, self-management, social skills, creativity and play. We enjoy doing lots of different things in school.


In Lilac class we love to get messy through messy play and art. We have been looking at exploring resources in different ways, using different equipment, tolerating new textures and in art we have been focusing on printing. So far we have been printing with body parts, objects and stencils. We love exploring with different colours and thinking about what we like and don’t like.  Sometimes we work on copying and following instructions; other times we just get curious and creative.

In drama we have been role playing in different costumes, acting as different animals and retelling a narrative about having a walk through the jungle. Everyone is doing really well with re-telling the story and getting into different characters.


We love getting out in the community to work on our danger awareness, travel training, independence, play skills, gross motor skills and communication outside of school. Plus it’s really fun.

We also like to practice our shopping skills in school. We buy our breakfast in the morning and once a week we set up a tuc-shop in the snack shack.


In cookery we mostly make pizza and sandwiches because these are what we like to eat.But this term we have also been working on basic skills like chopping, pouring peeling and measuring.  As well as improving our cooking skills we practice our communication and instruction skills.



It’s very important that we still have time to play. It helps our curiosity and experimentation as well as helping us to develop social, turn-taking and imaginative skills.



Lilac class love being active. In PE we have been learning about boxercise. This is helping our rhythm and coordination. We also enjoy having a go at yoga and of course running around with our friends on soft play.

Sensory exploration and calming activities are also really important in Lilac class. Touch pack, sensory story, massage and atmospherics help us to get the sensory input we need.