Welcome to Oak class

Children: 4 boys and 2 girls

Staff: Janet & Aimee.


Summer Term 2021

We enjoy doing a new dance massage which involves being tapped with straws, stroked with flowers and, to the music Hold Back the River, we enjoy the sound of splashing water, some of us even enjoy being splashed!

Can you guess what we will be using some of these resources for in our summer adventure, a trip to the seaside?












We are enjoying our weekly walks to Caldy Valley, when the weather is nice we have been on  the swing and enjoyed having stories and one of our favourite activities, bubbles outside.

In music we enjoy listening to songs played on the ukelele, we are all practising playing along, using chimes, maraccas, drums and the keybosrd on the ipad. We are practising because we have heard about a Talent Show and are hoping to record one of our favourite songs, ‘Mama Won’t Allow No Music Playing ’round Here’







We hope that everyone has a lovely summer.