Welcome to Palm class

Children: 5 boys and 2 girls

Staff: Ashleigh, Josie & Louise



Palm class have been very busy over the last term.



Palm class have been getting very active. Every week Palm class go swimming and for some children all they have done is grow in confidence to be in the water. At the start of the year some of the children did not like to leave the side of the pool and are now independently moving around in the deep end. And some children have been learning to use different pieces of equipment when they are in the pool. All of the staff are really proud of Palm class for their confidence in the water.


Our activeness does not stop in the pool. We have been getting on the bikes a lot. All of the children have learnt a variety of skills whilst being on the bikes, from just getting on the bikes to steering round corners and for some of our children they have even had enough confidence to try a two wheeled bike.


Even with all of the physical fitness going on in Palm class, we have still managed to make sure we have had time for more sensory lessons and fun times.