Welcome to Redwood Class

Children: 6 boys and 1 girl

Staff: Andy, Yuko, Donna & Lisa


Spring Term 2020

This term we plan just to be as busy as last term! We will continue to develop our social and interaction skills whilst being out and about in the local community. We will also continue to enjoy our therapy sessions within school and develop our independent skills.

This term, our New Year resolution is to be more creative using recycled items. We are wanting to collect any milk/bottle tops if you can save them for us too so that we can create all different arts with the use of recycled items.



This term we are continuing to develop our social skills being out and about in the community.


During our cookery sessions we are learning how to make our own sandwiches


Our PE sessions have been lots of fun too!


In Redwood class we like to join in celebrations from around the world! This term we have celebrated Chinese New Year…

Valentines Day

St David’s Day

Pancake day…

….. we also celebrate our birthdays!   



When we are not out socialising, we also enjoy messy sensory play in class…