Welcome to Beech class

Children: 3 boys and 3 girls

Staff: Connie, Georgina (Part time) & Cheryl (Part time)




Spring term 2021

This term we are carrying on doing the recovery curriculum and are delivering it through the topic ‘Ourselves.’ We are doing stretches, massage, rebound, swimming and physiotherapy to keep our bodies moving and stay healthy. As always communication  is really important in Beech class and we try to develop it through everything we do. We are also doing lots of sessions to help us to engage in the world around us. One of our favourites is resonance. This term we are talking about our families in our resonance session; we love to hear the noise and feel the vibrations as we tap out their names and count how many people. We are also really enjoying dance massage; especially when we dance our hands and feet to ‘I feel good.’ Our sensory story this term is about going up to the moon to see the stars like us; it reminds us how fantastic we are and that we can achieve anything.






































Some of Beech class are still learning at

home this term. We miss them lots and can’t wait to have them back in class when they’re ready.

This is beech class, they work hard each day,

They’re not all the same, each has their own way

But they all have each other, how lucky they are,

Each one is different but each is a star

Separated by distance some say they’re apart

But they are together as they’re all joined by heart