Welcome to Beech class

Children: 3 boys and 3 girls

Staff: Connie, Georgina (Part time) & Cheryl (Part time)

We were so pleased to welcome some of the students back this half term. Unfortunately some of beech class have not been able to return to school this term and are working hard at home. In school we have been focussing on the recovery curriculum which has three key elements; keeping the students safe, keeping the students happy and keeping the students well. With this in mind we have spent a lot of time developing relationships, giving access to the things the students enjoy the most and providing therapies and access to equipment to meet the children’s physical needs. We have had lots of smiles and laughs and fun and look forward to continuing this into the next term.

This is beech class, they work hard each day,

They’re not all the same, each has their own way

But they all have each other, how lucky they are,

Each one is different but each is a star

Separated by distance some say they’re apart

But they are together as they’re all joined by heart