Welcome to Berry Class

Children: 5 boys, 2 girls

Staff: Michelle, Abbie & Genet

Spring Term 2021

We are having a wonderful time in Berry Class everyone has settled in so well and enjoyed getting to know each other. We have had lots of fun in sensory play, with lots of different textures to feel and explore, we like anything that’s a bit messy.



We like to keep busy in class, sharing stories and singing new songs. We have discovered many new and exciting things in Bucket therapy too.


Sensory relaxation sessions are time for us to explore lights, materials and music. But the Rebound Therapy room is one of our favourite places to go. We love to bounce and keep our bodies moving, having fun with our friends. The sensory mat has lots of things to explore and gives us time to relax.



We like spending time in the local community and the great outdoors. We love nothing better than to explore, we are visiting the Gruffalo at Delamere along with our nature walks but there is always time in our busy schedule to have a quick play on the local park!

bucket therapy