Welcome to Cherry class

Children: 7 boys and 3 girls

Staff: Lorraine, Emily, Lee & Rachel



Spring term 2021


We are so proud of Cherry Class with how well they have adapted to all of the changes that have happened this term! Cherry are a very positive bunch, and will always try and see what we can do to make things better when we are feeling a bit low. Isolating or at school, pupils have learnt how we can use technology to keep in touch with all of our classmates! We used Teams to connect every day at 1pm. As well as having lots of fun playing Bingo, dance off, karaoke, talent shows, Quiz mornings, shared stories, well-being, choir and even The Masked Singer and Cherry’s got Talent performances, it was always great to see pupils learning how to communicate virtually and even how to mute and unmute at the right times!
Some pupils were nervous at first, but soon got the hang of it and their confidence grew and grew!

























Cherry class have continued to explore different places on our minibus trips. So far we have been to Kelsall Park, Ashton Hayes, Marbury Park, Dukes Drive, West Minster Park. On some of the trips we have met up with friends isolating too! Cherry have made so much progress with their friendship building, and they have been continuing to do so with team games during our trips!

We love breakfast club in Cherry class! We are so impressed with our chefs independent skills! From start to finish! This term we are perfecting beans/cheese on toast!
















Cherry have continued to represent the school for Virtual Penathalon competitions! We even competed with our friends at home so they could join in too.