Welcome to Cherry class

Children: 7 boys and 3 girls

Staff: Lorraine, Emily, Lee & Rachel


Autumn 2020

Hello and welcome to Cherry Class! We have loved getting to know the new members of Cherry Class and building stronger friendships with our peers who we missed during lockdown! We are incredibly proud of everything Cherry Class have achieved in such a short space of time!

During our Communication sessions, staff have been taking a step back to let the pupils lead sessions and respond to each other to promote class discussions. The pupils particularly enjoy being Teacher! Every Monday we have our weekend news. Pupils work independently or with an adult to make notes or draw pictures about their weekend. We then join as a group and “SPIN THAT WHEEL!” to see who’s turn it is to talk about their weekend. We then have pictures randomly selected to see who’s turn it is to be challenged to see if they can remember EVERYTHING their friend has done. We have already noticed Cherry Classes listening and recalling skills improve during other sessions as they practice skill. We also watch Newsround every day to keep up to date with what’s going on. Here are two pupils being the teachers!

Cherry Class also like to be teacher when it is time to give out some Dojo points, rewarding eachother for all the wonderful things we have seen eachother do during the day. For every 10 points we receive a reward and a big reward when we get to 100 points! A class favourite still seems to be having the teachers chair for the day…



We know how important it is to have friends. Cherry Class have been working on their social skills by choosing games to play with a friend and be more involved during team games. We cannot believe how many sports Cherry will now play independently, following the rules and remembering to show good sportsmanship! This half term we have learnt to play basketball (a class favourite at lunch time) and tag rugby! We have also enjoyed ending multisport sessions with a game of football or taking the ball out so we can play during our educational visits. And if that wasn’t enough, we are even representing school as part of the Virtual Games to win the silver or gold award!


We have visited lots of places already this half term, including Llandudno, Delamere Farm for pumpkin picking and parks. On two of our visits we have had members of the public tell us how amazing Cherry are when we are out in the community!

























Cherry Class have been choosing games to play together during ‘Choose time’. We have already seen a big difference in conversational skills and patience dealing with competition! Our favourite games at the moment our Hungry Frogs, Operation, Air Hockey and Jenga!













Each half term we will be working on a project. this term we made a plan and thought about all the materials we might need, where we can get them from and how we can put them all together. this half term we made our own musical instrument! Cherry Class love music. Dancing to it, singing to it, relaxing to it. So what better thing to create!

Through our Drama and Roll play, we have been learning about how we can deal with situations we struggle with. The class enjoy watching videos of their teachers going about situations the ‘wrong way’. They even suggest having a break and talking to a friend! Cherry then have a turn at acting out two versions of a situation, recognising what it is that could have been done differently. Their role playing skills have developed lots as they enjoy themselves and watch the clips back. We have also noticed that they take their own advice when difficult situations arise!


If you haven’t already heard us from the carpark… Cherry Class are a very musical class! We love to sing and dance. Here we are enjoying music during our choose time! We are also SO happy that we can still join in with Choir thanks to Jo via Teams! This term we took part in AmaSing concert, with hundreds of other children from the north west!