Welcome to Chestnut class

Children: 7 Boys

Staff: Del, Lisa & Kate


Autumn 2020

Chestnut Class have been so busy settling in to our new classroom with new people. We’re a very active bunch and some of our favourite sessions are bikes, doing yoga and Clubbercise for PE as you can see:




We have been progressing well at participating in class sessions to prepare students for when they need to visit the doctor, dentist and even the hairdresser:


At the doctor we have been practicing having our temperature taken with an ear and head thermometer, listening to our heart with a stethoscope and applying medical wipes and ice pack when we have hurt ourselves. At the dentist we have a teeth looked at and counted, we clean them and rinse with mouthwash. At the hairdresser there’s lots of sounds to get used to so we practice these, as well as someone touching our head/hair.




We have also enjoyed lots of local walks and trips so we can get the exercise we need and practice safe social distancing as well as our travel skills: