Welcome to Oak class

Children: 4 boys and 2 girls

Staff: Janet & Aimee.


Spring Term 2021

This term our sensory activities are based around the theme ‘It’s All About Me’.

We love our story which celebrates and lets us share our favourite things; things to listen to, watch and explore together. We have included a very noisy pig, a fan, some of us enjoy the feel of the wind in our faces, bubbles are always a favourite and we all have a turn at playing the chimes as well as sharing favourite songs.


We have a dance massage session which we all love, its very relaxing, there are lots of different songs and I think all staff and children alike have a favourite, I wonder which would be yours, you can choose from This is Me from the greatest Showman, I feel Good by James Brown and Beautiful by Christina Aguilara.


Now the weather is improving we are going out for weekly walks to the river or to Caldy Valley, sometimes we take the ukulele and have a sing.




As well as hydrotherapy and rebound therapy we also do wheelchair dancing which is always fun and gets us all laughing and smiling. This term we are doing traditional songs and dances such as The Hokey Cokey and the conga.