Welcome to Oak class

Children: 4 boys and 2 girls

Staff: Janet & Aimee.


Autumn 2020

Oak class would like to share some of the activities that we are doing this term. We are happy to be back in school, we are doing lots of physical activities. We enjoy hydrotherapy and rebound each week.

On Tuesday afternoons we do wheelchair dancing, this term we are dancing to music from The Greatest Showman, every body loves this session, there is always lots of laughter.

We have enjoyed spending time outside in the sunshine we have explored the sensory trail and picked some flowers to take home.



Our sensory story this term has involved experiencing sprinkles being poured over our hands, sticky gooey stuff and of course a water spray sneeze. We have enjoyed all musical activities either inside or outside and joined the Amasing concert where we played our chimes and shook our maracas.


As usual we enjoy relaxing under the sparkly lights and really enjoy our Friday Fun Disco, lots of lights and our favourite music…….one of us really enjoys Bob Marley and enjoys being the DJ, using an Ian Bean switch activated programme to play the music for us.