Welcome to Redwood Class

Children: 4 boys and 3 girls

Staff: Clare, Tracey, Dawn & Lisa

What a start to a wonderful new school year.

This term, we are enjoying being out and about in society. We are enjoying our Autumn walks, Forest School, our weekly shopping trip to Sainsburys and not forgetting our juice and toast stop at the local community cafe.

Within Forest school, we are currently developing our orienteering skills through woodland hunts with the use of prompts to support us.

We have plenty of trips out in the community planned for this term, visits into the city centre, walks along the riverbank and many more.

We are continuing to visit Sainsburys every week where we shop for our own weekly snack and have a treat in the cafe. The children have gained some wonderful experiences over the last half term and already interacting with sales assistants at the supermarket. During our visit to Sainsburys and other areas, we are continuing to learn about road safety.

Music Sessions

Autumn Walks






visit to Sainsburys supermarket


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